Banpresto Dragon Ball Z Scultures Figure 49090 4″ Future Trunks Action Figure

By: Banpresto Figures
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Future Trunks, referred to within the series simply as Trunks, is the Saiyan and Human hybrid son of Vegeta and Bulma from the alternate future. By the point Present Trunks used to be born, the timeline had been altered by Future Trunks' and Cell's trips to the past. Due to this fact, the two Trunks had completely different lives (as opposed to people who lived before the Time Machines arrived, they lived exactly the similar lives as their counterparts until the point at which the two timelines diverge: three years before the androids arrived). Well-mannered, serious and very cautious, Future Trunks hails from an alternate timeline wherein Android 17 and Android 18 murdered the Z Fighters and proceeded to create apocalyptic hell on Earth. Future Trunks is trained by Future Gohan as an adolescent, and becomes a gifted fighter, swordsman and a Super Saiyan; traits that aid him greatly within the battle against the Androids after traveling back in time as a way to save his own future.
Officially Licensed by Banpresto
Very limited Quantity
Minor assembly required
Best possible gift for any DBZ Fan
Approx. 4″L x 4.5″W x 4″H

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